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Blue X, representing the Poloniex logo, in front of a purple/blue background.

Circle Has Sold Poloniex to a New Owner

Circle, the company behind Poloniex has decided to sell the exchange, which they have paid $400 million for just a month after the 2017 crypto bull market has ended.
Microsoft Building, with their logo on the front.

NEO Joins Microsofts .NET Foundation

NEO is the first-ever blockchain project to join Microsofts open-source .NET Foundation.
Binance logo on a monitor, looked through a magnifying glass.

Binance Is Launching Its Own Stablecoin

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, is launching its own dollar-backed stablecoin, together with Paxos.
Jack Dorsey sitting on a couch, while having an interview.

Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto Donates to BTCPay Server

Square Crypto (Part of Square, Inc.) has donated $100,000 to BTCPAY Foundation, the company behind the open-source BTCPay Server.
Andrew Yang standing in front of the US flag, with a microphone.

Andrew Yang Has Promised Blockchain-Based Voting

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang said that he will implement blockchain voting using mobile phones if he wins the US election.
White Apple logo on a blue building, with yellow lights at top.

Apple Says Cryptocurrencies Have Long-Term Potential

Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey said that they are watching cryptocurrencies, and they think that it has an interesting long-term potential.
United States congress room, with the American flag in the center.

US Bill Wants to Stop Big Tech From Becoming Banks

US Bill is looking to keep big tech companies with over $25 billion annual revenue from creating their own cryptocurrencies.
Peter Schiff speaking to the audience behind a desk, wearing a suit and a purple tie.

Cryptocurrency Skeptic Is Ready to Debate About Bitcoin

Peter Schiff, the famous gold bull, is hosting his first-ever Bitcoin challenge, live on his Youtube channel, on July 15th at 9 PM EDT.
Bitcoin mining machines in a dark hangar, with small green lights.

Bitcoin Hashrate Has Doubled Since Late 2018

Bitcoin has doubled its hashrate since late 2018, currently standing at 64 million TH/s, up from the lows of 32 million, since last December.
Glowing MoneyGram sign hanging from the ceiling, with an ATM behind it.

Ripple Invests up to $50 Million in MoneyGram

Ripple buys $50 million stake in MoneyGram, one of the largest money transfer companies in the world.

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