Cryptocurrency Exchange Raising Concern Over Possible BitMEX Hack

Raising Concern Over Possible BitMEX Hack

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BitMEX had a series of security/privacy issues today. A few hours ago, they leaked thousands of user emails, and now their Twitter is hacked too.

Thousands of emails leaked

The cryptocurrency exchange had a serious privacy issue 5 hours ago, where they leaked possible thousands of user emails (the number is currently unconfirmed, but it is rumored to be over 3000, possibly even tens of thousands).

The emails are already being sold on the darknet, plus there are groups trying to crack them at this moment.

Telegram screenshot via Ameero on Twitter.

Withdrawals are disabled for everyone that changed passwords or security settings after the leak.

Kraken banner with the text

Their Twitter is also hacked

Screenshot via

Just 30 minutes ago, their twitter account also got compromised, where the hacker has advised to take your BTC and run because it is the last day for withdrawals, according to them.

The tweet got deleted within 3 minutes.

We will update this article as more news comes to the surface.

Edit: BitMEX confirms that the funds are safe.

BlockFi banner showcasing the possibility of earning passive income.

BitMEX logo image via Marco Verch. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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