Cryptocurrency Apple Says Cryptocurrencies Have Long-Term Potential

Apple Says Cryptocurrencies Have Long-Term Potential

Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey said that they are watching cryptocurrencies, and they think that it has an interesting long-term potential.

Adding cryptocurrencies into Apple Pay in the future could rapidly speed up user adoption, as people would be able to spend their crypto easier.

Currently, over 65 percent of US retail locations accept Apple Pay.

Apple Smart Watch on a hand, with applications showing.
If Apple decides to add cryptocurrencies in the future, then Apple Watch users could pay using their crypto in millions of stores worldwide, with a flick of a wrist. | Apple Watch image via Pixabay.

Smartphone makers are moving in that direction

They are one of the few companies left that are not yet involved with cryptocurrencies. For example, HTC has a blockchain phone called the Exodus 1, while Samsung has released its flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, with Cryptocurrency wallets included.

Apple Logo image via Pixabay.

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