Cryptocurrency Altcoin NEO Joins Microsoft's .NET Foundation

NEO Joins Microsoft’s .NET Foundation

NEO is the first-ever blockchain project to join Microsoft’s open-source .NET Foundation.

The foundation was created on March 31st, 2014, to improve open-source software development and make collaboration easier around the .NET Framework.

It is a massive milestone for both parties, as this partnership will help them to work together, while also allowing millions of developers to build the foundation of the next-gen Internet.

During the conference, Head of NGD Seattle said the following:

“As the first blockchain project to join the .NET Foundation, we’re excited to come together based on our shared commitment to open-source, to developers, and to worldwide community collaboration. Based on our shared core values and principles, I am confident that this partnership will accelerate developer innovation to drive mass adoption of blockchain and build the foundation for the next-gen Internet.

While NEO Co-Founder, Erik Zhang said that they are very glad to be the first blockchain project joining the .NET Foundation, and moving forward, they expect close collaboration with the foundation, to deliver the most developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure.

Individuals can also request to join the foundation following this link; however, you will need to pay an annual fee, plus you will have to get accepted.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has worked with a blockchain company; for example, Stratis platform can also be found on their website, as one of their solution providers.

You can read the official announcement here.

Edit: .NET Foundation has also confirmed the partnership. You can read the blog post from their website here.

Microsoft building image via Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.

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