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Raising Concern Over Possible BitMEX Hack

BitMEX had a series of security/privacy issues today. A few hours ago they leaked thousands of user emails, and now their Twitter is hacked too.

Circle Has Sold Poloniex to a New Owner

Circle, the company behind Poloniex has decided to sell the exchange, which they have paid 400 Million dollars for just a month after the 2017 Crypto bull market has ended.

Revolut Launches Stock Trading for Everyone

Revolut, the popular internet banking application has made commission-free stock trading available to everyone in the European Economic Area.

NEO Joins Microsofts .NET Foundation

NEO is the first-ever blockchain project to join Microsofts open-source .NET Foundation.

Binance Is Launching Its Own Stablecoin

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, is launching its own dollar-backed stablecoin, together with Paxos.

Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto Donates to BTCPay Server

Square Crypto (Part of Square, Inc.) has donated $100 000 to BTCPAY foundation, the company behind the open-source BTCPay Server.