Traditional Market Stock Market Revolut Launches Stock Trading for Everyone

Revolut Launches Stock Trading for Everyone

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Revolut, the popular internet banking application, has made commission-free stock trading available to everyone in the European Economic Area.

The company has introduced commission-free stock trading back in August, but that was limited to metal customers.

Now it is available to everyone; however, the amount of commission-free trades you can make each month depends on your pricing plan.

Pricing PlanStandardPremiumMetal
Cost of the Plan (per month)£0£7£13
Amount of Free Trades (per month)38100

Any trades after the monthly limit will cost £1.

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As they are only offering US-based stocks right now, you can only buy them during US trading hours. (9:30am – 16:00pm EST.)

As the company develops their trading feature, they plan to open up to people outside of the European Economic Area, plus they also want to bring in more products, such as British and European stocks, or ETFs.

Robinhood, with its mobile, commission-free trading platform, has completely changed the way that many Americans trade stocks nowadays, so Revolut has a good chance of being successful with their feature too.

The company also allows users to trade major cryptocurrencies; however, you cannot deposit, nor withdraw from their platform.

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