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Huobi Global Exchange – All-Around Crypto Trading

Huobi Global is one of the better, more balanced exchanges, as you have the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies, margin trade, or use their futures market.

FTX Review – The Most Innovative Exchange

Even though FTX is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges, they've managed to gain popularity by offering unique products, such as leveraged tokens.

Binance Review – The Biggest Altcoin Exchange

Binance is arguably the most popular altcoin exchange. They allow their users to trade futures and buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies too.

BitMEX Review – The Most Liquid Contract-Based Exchange

BitMEX is the most liquid contract-based exchange; they were the ones that made it popular in the cryptocurrency space.

Bittrex Review – Once The Biggest Exchange

Bittrex used to be the go-to crypto exchange a few years ago, but thanks to their lack of innovation, they have fallen behind.

Coinbase Review – The Best Exchange for Beginners

Coinbase is the easiest and most popular exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies, such as the Dollar or the Euro.

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