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BitMEX logo on a computer screen with a magnifying glass.

Raising Concern Over Possible BitMEX Hack

BitMEX had a series of security/privacy issues today. A few hours ago they leaked thousands of user emails, and now their Twitter is hacked too.
Blue X, representing the Poloniex logo, in front of a purple/blue background.

Circle Has Sold Poloniex to a New Owner

Circle, the company behind Poloniex has decided to sell the exchange, which they have paid $400 million for just a month after the 2017 crypto bull market has ended.
Hacker sitting in front of a laptop, while numbers appear behind him.

Binance Got Hacked: $40 Million Worth of BTC Stolen

Binance, the biggest altcoin exchange had a “large scale security breach” yesterday evening. The hackers were able to steal a bit over 7000 Bitcoins.

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